A lesson series in six parts, taught in a table & chair setting.

The content is constructed around Mushakoji-senke Tea Ceremony School’s basic “Ryakubon Temae” teaching.

It covers the correct handling, storage and cleaning process for the tools, the making of tea and closing manners. To complete that whole process harmoniously on top of a tray, might seem rather compact and simple, but the basics involved encompass the full span of the space in which everything to be learned afterwards will unfold.

Having acquired a full understanding of the foundations of the path, it will then be possible to confidently host proper tea gatherings both indoors and outdoors in one’s own style, as well as incorporating the teaching’s spirit in our everyday life.


Workshop Contents ( On Line Lesson = 5 sessions )

1st & 2nd Session: Learning of proper manners for guests, how to handle and fold the fukusa (silk wrapper) and the chakin tea cloth, and the basics of the tools and tea brewing.
3rd Session: After undergoing tea ceremony procedures drills, the students will face the challenge of doing their first proper serving of tea as a gift to themselves.
4th Session: After undergoing tea ceremony procedures drills, the students will attempt to serve tea in a hospitable way, having become intimate with themselves.
5th Session: Beginning a marriage of form and spirit, students will receive additional guidance and a brush up of their basic technique.
6th Session: Participants will experience a formal mini tea gathering in which they will showcase their host skills and further refine their guest manners.



Tea Ceremony Salon Lempicka
3-12-21 2F,Akatsutsumi,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo Japan

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<Application System>
Includes up to 2 make up classes in case of unattended sessions.
The school provides all necessary tools and materials for practice.

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Beginning Tabletop Tea Ceremony Lessons