toppage [EN]

photo by Yumiko Miyahama
Lempicka is…

Taking the wonders that can be experienced in the seclusion of a tea room outside, to meet the dreamy feeling of cruising away on a weekend.

I liken it to Alewalewa, a hawaiian expression that means ‘to float like a cloud’, or to picturing oneself sailing away onboard a ship, embraced by an array of soothing sounds one has gotten familiar with over many years.

About Tea Ceremony

The unique charm of Tea Ceremony has something universal to it.

One could see it as a gift for oneself and the people in one’s life: Family and friends. It is also a multifaceted communication tool with which we can present ourselves in new, foreign places. As the winds of the present rise, we can use its creative powers and its sense of beauty as a sail, enjoying as we run into wonderful sensations.

I see the practice of Tea ceremony as a stage in which we can enrich our life. It forges the strength of an unflinching heart, all the while keeping alive an ancient tradition of enjoyment, the necessity of pouring a cup of tea in our everyday life