tea cruising

After experiencing the bliss of weekends sailing, and the quietude of days spent engaged in Tea Ceremony, a desire to reconnect to those feelings comes to us often during our work-focused everyday existence.

In the spring of 2004, following my return to Japan from a prolonged NY stay, I decided to address those feelings. I rented the place where I used to hold Tea Gatherings and started out my first practice space.

From that point on, I have organized many kinds of events and tea gatherings. As I simply held my chasen while sitted in seiza, I had the privilege of initiating a fair share of my friends in the craft, and yet still, I yearn to keep spreading this joy.

In this section, I’d like to give you a small glimpse of those special days, spent in company of wonderful people, as an air of excitement and comradeship hung about, all bound together by Tea Ceremony. Hope you enjoy them!