Setagaya Practice Space

Tea Ceremony Salon Lempicka

Opened its doors in 2004.

A space for the practice and learning of Tea Ceremony, but also open to informal tea gatherings as well as related events.

The venue has 3 Japanese style rooms: two large spaces of 8 and 6 tatami mats, as well as smaller space of 4.5 mats. Western-style rooms are also available. The building’s inner space is designed in a way it makes you feel you are in an ample Japanese style environment that hardly feels like it is indoors. It even has a roji pathway leading into the tea room.

The western-style rooms are equipped with special “Tenyujoku” furniture designed by Mushakoji-senke’s Sen Souoku to allow for Tea Ceremony to be practiced on a chair and table setting, ideal for those unable to sit in the seiza position for extended periods of time.

(Practice in this space is limited to daytime)

To sign up for a trial lesson or request additional information please contact us at:

Updated practice schedule (Japanese only):

Closest stations: Setagaya Line Matsubara 「松原」/Odakyu Line Gotokuji 「豪徳寺」

Address:Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku Akatsutsumi 3-12-21 Tokachi Tachibana 2nd Floor