Roppongi Practice Space

Roppongi Keicoba

This studio was closed on March 2017.

Started in 2013, this practice space is organized in collaboration with the Japanese Culture Association. Quite close to Tokyo Midtown, one of the cities key points, it allows for both noon sessions as well as evening sessions, equally accesible for those that work at the office, as well as those that work at home or in freer schedules.

The space offers both our workshop program and regular lessons. Participants can choose between conducting the sessions on a 3 tatami mat Japanese space, or our specially designed table and chair setting.

For those who are just beginning their relationship with Tea Ceremony, we recommend our popular 6-part introductory workshop, taught in a friendly western style setting that allows beginners to enjoy the craft without having to sit in seiza for long periods of time.

To sign up for a trial lesson, or request additional information please contact us at:

Updated practice schedule

Closest stations: Oedo line & Hibiya line Roppongi 「六本木」/Chiyoda line Nogizaka 「乃木坂」

Address: Tokyo-to Minato-ku Ropongi 4-12-5 Phoenicia Luxos Building 3rd Floor